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Swim School Underwater Photos

Our swim school shoots are second to none. Dee has been taking underwater baby photos since 2009 and strives to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. As a swimming teacher herself she knows how important it if for trust and a great vibe!.


Using the very best in Canon digital technology Dee and her team capture the sheer beauty of your children underwater. 

Bookings Can be done via email


Shoots are organised separately to your lessons and are structured into 30 min sessions. There will be 4-5 other little ones in your session. You will be able to have between 2-5 photographed swims depending on their age and ability.

Each turn the photographer can snap upto 6 images.

Your swim teacher will be at the shoot to place the little one for the shots


A prepaid method

£99 for the shoot and three High Resolution Digital Images. 50% on booking 50% on the shoot day. 



Shoot fee £25 per child and 

High Resolution Digital Images; ONE - £40

TWO - £72

THREE - £99

ALL- £145


You will be given a private password to view only your images online 7 days after your shoot.


You can then choose your favourites and purchase them from us. 


Please note we only offer digital images sent online. 


Any child from the age of 3 months to 14 years. 

Its is vitally important that your child is happy underwater. If he/she doesn't like it in their lessons they will not like it at the photoshoot either. 

All children under the age of one must have completed a term of baby swimming lessons. 

Shoot Preparation

1)  Arrive with enough time to be in the water at the start of your session.

2) All children need an adult in the water with them. Parents you can come in for FREE so make the most of some lovely pool time with your child.

3) Put your child in your favourite swim wear. Bright colours always look nice against the blue background. Please note babies under 2 must wear a swim nappy underneath. 


Q: What if my child is ill?.

A:  Cancellations less than 7 days will receive no refund, however if you notify us 24+ hours before the shoot with a medical reason and note we will give a credit towards a reshoot. Cancellations  7-14 days before - 50% refund, 14 + days -75% refund. No shows will not be rescheduled credited. 

Q: Can siblings attend?.

A: Sure, the fees are the same per child. 

Q: How many images will I get to choose from?.

A: We aim to give you between 10-15 per child to choose from. 

Q: Do you provide dressing up?. A: We do have a great selection of outfits and accessories but would recommend if you have a favourite to bring it with you.  

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